New Generation Greeks Production

New Generation Greeks (NGG) Production

NGG Production is Western Canada’s premier Greek events company. We strive to create an atmosphere that not only entertains but ultimately thrills our guests. We take pride in embracing our culture and transforming our “kefi” into zest for life. We can and will transport your heart and mind back to Greece!

About Us

NGG Production (New Generation Greeks) founded in 2015 by Filopoimin (Aki) Papaioannou and Dimitri (Jim) Papadogambros is a Vancouver (British Columbia) based entertainment company. Specializing in producing live concerts, theatrical performances and comedy acts directly from Greece, as well as organizing events locally for the Greek community.

Greeks are born to party! They have a fascination for music, dance and socializing! Recognizing that the Greek community of BC somewhat lacked Greek entertainment, the Idea was born amongst the two friends to combine tradition with a modern outlook and to further embrace and promote the Greek culture in our city.

The company’s mission is to spread and promote the Greek culture locally. We strive to preserve our customs and traditions through channels of entertainment in order to remind older generations and to teach new ones.

“There is no party like a Greek party.”

Filopoimin “Aki” Papaioannou

Hails from Thessaloniki, Greece. His intense desire of bringing Greece with him everywhere he went, generated a plethora of Greek nights and events in various countries across Europe. After moving to Vancouver Canada, in the winter of 2010, Greece came here with him.

His insight into “bouzoukia” has successfully shaped Greek entertainment in the city of Vancouver. Aki’s attention to detail and originality has produced unique and memorable Greek events.

Jim Papadogambros

Born and raised in East Vancouver, Canada. Jim has been involved with the entertainment industry for over 18 years. His passion for Greek music runs deep and has brought him through a life of Greek “attitude”, including karaoke, dancing and get togethers. Jim strives to keep the roots and traditions alive by promoting authentic experiences and frivolity in the western community.




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Vandi Concert


Antypas Concert